Care Groups

Care Groups at COHBC - Starting the week of Sept. 16th

Care Groups at COHBC are an important way for us to grow in the Word and in fellowship with one another. A COHBC Care Group intentionally shepherds God’s people through, Discovery Bible Study, Authentic Relationships, Caring Prayer, in a highly relational setting. There are several groups that meet throughout the area in Spokane and Spokane Valley.


 Discovery Bible Study

As part of our weekly Care Groups we have a Discovery Bible Study every other week where we seek to discover God in His word together.

There are three steps to Discovery Bible Study:

1) Observe “What do you see?”

2) Interpret “What does it mean?”

3) Application “How does it apply?”

These are the steps you should go through as you prepare for Care Group Discovery Bible Study. Below is a link to an information sheet ("...Study Instructions") that gives more explanation on preparing for a Discovery Bible Study as well as blank sheets for you to use as you prepare for our Care Group Discovery Bible Studies .


Care Group Resources

Click Here for Care Group Resources.


For more information:

  • Write "Care Groups" on your response card at our service
  • Please contact Brent Powers for more information ( or 509.385.2412).